Product Stewardship


ANZRP capitalises on our expertise, capabilities and relationships to deliver sustainable end-of-product-management programs that provide the best environmental outcomes for all participants.

We are an authority in facilitating sound product stewardship management and sustainability strategies to meet the needs of industry, government and consumers.

As our global marketplace shifts focus to the circular economy, product stewardship will be fundamental in aligning the strategic and operational systems required for its implementation. ANZRP has deep experience in co-ordinating the development, delivery and engagement of these systems to drive efficient and effective program management. Our expert team understands the unique needs of stakeholders in the lifecycle of a product.

ANZRP was formed as a non-profit, industry for industry model in response to the compliance and sustainability objectives of the Product Stewardship Act 2011. We operate the TechCollect product stewardship program and are the market leader for the safe and responsible collection and recycling of e-waste in Australia.

ANZRP has built an enviable position as one of Australia’s principal product stewardship organisations, protecting the brand reputations of our funding partners by delivering best practice program management, governance and thought leadership.

A key advocate in the product stewardship and sustainability sector, we are uniquely positioned to engage with diverse stakeholders including other product stewardship organisations, government, environmental, business and consumer groups.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the legislative landscape and the compliance requirements under the Product Stewardship Act 2011. This knowledge, coupled with our experienced team and operational capabilities, enables ANZRP to meet product stewardship needs, while assisting industry and government in planning for future product lifecycle trends.



As market leaders in the development and management of product stewardship programs, ANZRP provides services and expertise in areas such as:

  • Product Stewardship Program Development & Management – working with product stewardship bodies, regulators and industry to deliver effective resource recovery solutions
  • Resource Recovery – national network of metropolitan and regional collection sites for the aggregation of recyclable products
  • Logistics – a comprehensive national offering servicing metropolitan and regional areas for both non-hazardous and hazardous products
  • Recycling – strategically located and independently audited recycling partners operating to defined environmental management, quality and safety standards
  • Environmental Compliance – providing industry with the systems and structure to reliably meet a broad range of compliance activities
  • Sustainability – providing operational and management activities to deliver organisational sustainability objectives
  • Stakeholder Engagement – facilitating communication between regulators, consumers and industry on key product stewardship and sustainability activities
  • Advocacy – applying research and analysis tools to deliver on key resource recovery and sustainability development for industry, government and consumers
  • Education and Awareness – delivering communication campaigns to drive effective resource recovery
  • Brand Promotion – engaging with government, community and industry groups in marketing activities to promote the sustainability activities of brand members
  • Governance – providing independent management of environmental and compliance activities to ensure transparency for industry and consumers
  • Reporting – on organisational sustainability objectives, regulatory environmental obligations and operational key performance indicators